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Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Charging Powerbank - 1,500 Points

The ultimate tech piece! This Bluetooth speaker is perfect for the office or home. The 5.5 Watt output of the speaker produces crystal clear sound. Plus the top part of the speaker is a 4000mAh wireless charging power bank. Capable of charging any wireless charging compatible device. The built-in 4000 mAh battery can charge your phone wirelessly while you listen to your favorite song! No need to have the speaker plugged in. In addition, the built-in clock can function as an alarm clock. Features built-in music controls for hands-free operation and a microphone for conference calls. Charging Time: 3hrs. Playback time at max volume: 5hrs. Material: ABS Plastic Dimensions: 3.93" H x 2.55" W x 8.26" L

1,500 Points